7 QUESTIONS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE (Between Winning and Losing)

7 QUESTIONS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE (Between Winning and Losing)

Thomas Stilp,  JD, MBA/MM, LLM, MSC

Most people don’t worry about their health until there is an issue.  It’s just human nature.  But when there is an issue, Doctors get the health of a patient by asking questions.

Businesses don’t have medical health issues, of course, but do have financial problems which are affected by the “legal health” of the business.

Is your business healthy and wealthy?

It may be a simple question, but if it cannot be answered “yes” right away, we should talk.

And if you can answer “yes,” how certain is that answer?

Like a doctor, an attorney can get a quick idea about the “legal health” of a business by asking questions.  Here are some to consider:

  • Do you handle business on “handshakes” or use documents?


  • If “handshake” deals are the norm, how can you still be protected?


  • If customers don’t pay, do you get more than just the overdue payment, especially if you have other costs?


  • When key employees leave, do you have the legal right to keep significant customers from the (now) former employee?


  • Under what circumstances can you fire employees and have no blow back?


  • When you have a problem with a supplier, can you avoid going to court and yet never cave-in?


  • Can your independent contractors be “employees” and subject your business to liability for taxes, insurance and other expenses?

A “legally healthy” business can answer all these questions with confidence.  If you can’t, we should talk.