Sexual Harassment Law.  Is your Business Ready?

Sexual Harassment Law. Is your Business Ready?

Thomas Stilp, JD, MBA/MM, LLM, MSC

We’ve never lost a sexual harassment case.  When we’ve gone to trial, we’ve won before a jury.  And when the case should be settled, we know how to get it done quickly and effectively.

Effective January 1st, businesses large and small will be required to provide annual workplace training on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment under the Workplace Transparency Act.  Even businesses with only one worker will have to comply with the Act.

The state will investigate charges against any business.  Businesses that work with the state will be checked.  The state will verify whether training is taking place.  And employees themselves can report any business.

Disgruntled, unhappy employees will have significant leverage.  Heavy fines and enforcement are expected.  According to the Chicago Tribune, a lot of employers are panicking.  (Chi. Trib. Business, Sect. 1, 12/31/19)  But there is no reason to panic.

The best defense is knowing what is expected.  It is not just about knowing the law, but importantly, what actually gets presented in court that will win or lose the case.  This knowledge only comes with experience.

This past year, we were nominated by the federal judges of the United States District Court and received an Award in Excellence and Public Interest and Pro Bono Service involving our sexual harassment litigation.

The new law highlights advice from experienced Counsel is needed.  For hundreds of clients, we take control of problems by asking the right questions to solve your greatest legal challenges, frustrations and concerns for your business.  Please call us.

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