Simple Way to Collect Your Money – And Make 300%

Simple Way to Collect Your Money – And Make 300%

When a customer fails to pay, many businesses assume that is the end of it, or at best, a money-losing proposition to try to do anything about payment. But it does not have to be that way.  In fact, by using a simple invoice “form,” you can increase both the likelihood of recovery and the amount you recover — substantially.

For example, a court recently awarded judgment for a business in an amount almost three-times (300%) of the original amount due.  How is that possible?

Your invoice forms say a lot.  Most businesses focus on the product, quantity or price on the invoice.  But by including a few simple words, a “magic phrase,” if you will, on each and every invoice, your business will not only have a better chance of getting paid, but getting paid more.  These words are universally recognized and so commonplace that few think to object to them.

An experienced attorney will know what works (and what doesn’t), and will have seen hundreds of examples tested in court. The key to success is found not only the “magic words” that evoke these protections, but in the easy and repetitive use of the form in business with your customers.

Once your business sets up the program, a quick and inexpensive process, there is nothing that your business will need do further as the program becomes self-implementing.